Identify "Who to worry about today . . . and Why!

Every day, over 5,000 adults and 25 children are diagnosed with diabetes.  Now, at over 25 million the number of diabetics is expected to grow at an alarming rate to include one in ever two Americans by 2020.  Since it is a gateway to other far-reaching diseases the treatment alone for diabetes account for 1/3 of all Medicare spending.

ActiveCare offers a unique approach to caring for the chronically ill. Offering a complete solution, ActiveCare provides accurate and timely information that increases compliance, creates better outcomes, reduces risk and lowers cost. ActiveCare’s wellness informatics takes pharmacy and claims data, then correlates it with real-time test results from a family of health sensors.  This unique approach brings clarity to the chronically ill population, identifying members with both a high health and financial risk. 


Solution Includes:

    Diabetes Supplies
    Online, web-based administrative tools
    Browser & iPhone Access Solution
    Nurse Triage of Patients with Dangerous Readings
    Collaboration with other incumbent resources

Real-Time Visibility

A proprietary solution, combining both claims and data analytics with real-time biometrics, brings clarity and visibility to the status and risk of members’ health and cost of care.

Active Care

Adding a “human touch” and monitoring component to traditional disease management, ActiveCare’s CareCenter reaches out to assist members in their change of behavior.

Improved Outcomes

Assisting members to manage their disease increases compliance, improves the members’ health and also reduces the risk of future catastrophic events.

Imagine not only knowing who is diabetic, but if they are testing or not, if their blood sugar is dangerously high or under control, then understanding the costs associated with that member.  Chronic disease often represents an abyss of unknown risk.  The bad news is that on average 70% - 80% of members taking diabetes medication NEVER test. They take their diabetes medication based on “how they feel” rather than on clinical measurements. Are they compliant or out of control? NO ONE KNOWS!