Identify “Who to worry about today... and Why!

Historically, disease management has been reserved for only the extreme high risk and high claim members.  The ActiveCare solution brings clarity and light to the chronic disease population, identifying who needs help today.  Knowing who to worry about allows for the necessary action to be taken today to avoid major and costly events in the future. 

Members receive a state-of-the art glucometer and testing supplies (optional equipment is available for comorbidities).  Members' compliance and testing results are sent wirelessly to ActiveCare after every test. By analyzing and combining claims with real-time test results, at risk members can be identified and helped. 


Suite of Risk Management Tools

    Diabetes Supplies
    Online, web-based administrative tools
    Browser & iPhone Access Solution
    Nurse Triage of Patients with Dangerous Readings
    Collaboration with other incumbent resources



Reports & Analytics

    Biometric and financial data aggregation
    Stratifies diabetics by blood sugar measurements and claims data
    Aggregates clinical and financial data by client or book of business
    Benchmarks patient claims and clinical information in year-over-year comparisons
    On-Demand reporting

ActiveCare aggregates clinical and financial information into a comprehensive suite of population management and risk management reports. For HIPAA purposes, all information provided to the benefit plan will be an aggregation of deidentified data so that no Personal Health Information (PHI) is compromised or breached.