Monitoring with a “human touch” assisting in changing member behavior

Imagine a member receiving a call minutes after taking a dangerously high reading – it may seem like science fiction – but with ActiveCare, it becomes a reality. ActiveCare is able to interpret the readings and communicate with caregivers, physicians, disease management & wellness coordinators within minutes of the reading, supporting members in their moment of need. This “live” and timely intervention helps modify habits as it reinforces wellness goals. 

Recognizing the demands of disease management, the CareCenter is ready to assist 24/7/365, complementing your disease management and wellness programs.  Whether providing intervention service after hours or around the clock, the CareCenter works directly with your disease management and wellness teams to provide a complete solution.

Over the past 15 years and utilizing over a dozen different monitoring products, the CareCenter has been a pioneer and leader in location telematics and telehealth, monitoring over 100,000 individuals.

Staffed around the clock, operators known as CareSpecialists are highly trained in order to fill each member’s individual needs.  With a diverse set of backgrounds ranging from nursing to the same certification as 911 operators,  the CareCenter staff works with chronically ill members to increase testing compliance, while it coordinates efforts with care and disease management providers to proactively support members to bring their disease under control.



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