ActiveCare is a technology and service provider that provides real-time visibility to health conditions and risk, has a unique active approach in caring for members, resulting in improved outcomes.

Founded over 15 years ago with the mission of bringing the doctor back into the home, ActiveCare has served over 100,000 individuals and is a pioneer and leader in location telematics and remote health monitoring or telehealth.

Every 20 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes. The treatment of diabetes alone accounts for one third of all Medicare costs. Three out of every four healthcare dollars are spent treating chronic disease. With costs continuing to spiral out of control, ActiveCare has created solutions that increase health while bending the cost curve for health.

A combination of state-of-the-art monitoring technology and industry leading service provide both payers and members with the accountable prevention needed. ActiveCare’s CareCenter provides the “human touch” needed to provide a total solution that increases compliance, improves outcomes and lowers costs.

Staffed around the clock, operators known as CareSpecialists are highly trained in order to fill each member’s individual needs. In fact, they receive the same training and certification as 911 operators. The CareCenter’s medical staff works with chronically ill members to increase testing compliance, coordinating efforts with care and disease management providers to proactively support members to bring their disease under control.

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In order to better maximize shareholder value while continuing to expand to meet market demands, the Company has announced a ten for one reverse stock split.